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Kevin Connors '69

Date of birth: July 26, 1946

Date of death: September 11, 2001

Age: 55

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From the 1969 Lucky Bag:

Inclusion in Memorial Hall

Though he is included on this website, Kevin was not on active military duty the morning of September 11, 2001, and is not listed in Memorial Hall.


From The Patriot Ledger on October 1, 2001:

Kevin Connors seemed invincible to all who knew him.

His leadership and flair for life made it all the more difficult for his family to accept that the 55-year-old former Quincy resident died in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11.

“Mentally and physically he was a very disciplined and intelligent person,” said his brother Russell.

A senior vice president for Euro Brokers Inc., Connors was working on the 84th floor of the World Trade Center south tower when the north tower was hit.

He had sent his brother Christopher an E-mail at 8:40 a.m. from his office computer making plans to talk later that day.

The family now treasures that E-mail, said his sister Sheila LeDuc of Lexington. It is also how the family knows that he was in the building when it was hit.

Connors made sure to stay in close contact with his siblings after his mother, Dorothy, died last year, said LeDuc. His father, William Francis, died four years ago. The family held a one-year memorial service for their mother this weekend, the event made all the more difficult by the absence of Kevin.

“In the past year he had the good sense to learn how fragile life is and how none of us will be around forever. Kevin took advantage of that and kept in close touch with each of us throughout the past year. In light of that, what a blessing,” Sheila said.

Connors was born in Boston and moved to Wollaston shortly thereafter. He was the oldest of five boys. He also had a sister. The family lived at 38 Ellington Road for several years before moving to 77 Adams Place in Quincy.

Connors attended the Massachusetts Fields School and St. Ann’s Elementary School in Quincy. He graduated from Boston College High School and was nominated by President John Kennedy to attend the U.S. Naval Academy. After graduating in 1969, he was commissioned as an ensign in the Navy. He earned an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

He always had a keen business and financial sense, and he followed his dream to work in the New York financial markets. His brother Russell, of Kittery Point, Maine, said the leadership skills his brother learned at Annapolis served him well throughout his business career.

“He had discipline out of Annapolis, and it was the way he grew up. It was the way he was in our family. He was very much a leader,” Russell said.

After getting his MBA, Connors moved to New York and worked for J.P. Morgan. He also was executive director of Morgan Stanley, where he established the company’s government bond department.

After several years with Morgan Stanley, he moved to Miami and founded his own investment firm, Connors & Cook. He later sold the business and established Kevin Connors and Co.

Connors returned to New York three years ago to work for Euro Brokers Inc. He lived in Greenwich, Connecticut, with his wife, two children and three stepchildren.

When not at work, he enjoyed sports, including sailing. In 1975 he, a brother and a friend survived the sinking of his 66-foot schooner off South America. They spent two days in a life raft before a cargo ship rescued them. After that, he canceled his planned trip around the world to return to Wall Street.

In July, he finished a 550-mile bike race across Iowa.

In addition to his brother Russell and sister, Sheila, he is survived by his wife, Sylvia (Loria) Connors; two sons, Shane, 20, and Terrence, 12, of Greenwich; three stepchildren, Karim, Davina and Daniella of Greenwich; and three other brothers, Christopher Connors of New York, William Connors of Hull and Douglas Connors of Quincy.


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Whether it was climbing a mountain, playing charades or challenging his four brothers and his sister to a game of Monopoly, Kevin Connors would not be defeated. At work, there was the thrill of picking the next big investment for clients of Euro Brokers, where he was a vice president. At home, the simplest of family gatherings became thrill-seeking adventures. Children would be pitted against adults, and Mr. Connors, 55, would side with the team he thought had the best chance of winning.

"My brother was a voracious fan of winning at all things," said Sheila Connors LeDuc. "He once bought a boat to sail around the world. When it sank off the coast of South America, he beat the ocean by not drowning."

And when planes struck the World Trade Center, Mrs. LeDuc was certain that her brother would survive once more. Slowly, she has had to accept another probability. "This was bigger than the boat going down," she said. "I just hope he is at peace and that those of us who mourn him can come to the same peace."

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