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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: 1926
Date of death: January 28, 1953
Age: ~26

Lucky Bag

1949 Stegemerten LB.jpg

From the 1949 Lucky Bag:

Leland R. Stegemerten


A quiet humor that smiled at the rough stretches and chuckled elsewhere was as fundamentally Steg as his nearly unpronounceable name. This easy wit was always an ally with blind drags, whose continual succession seemed only to add to his life claim to the rosescented brick. His size, Steg claimed, was ideal in any sport, particularly his favorite, squash; for his opponent, in trying to find him, was always at a disadvantage. An ample book larnin' staged most of the Quag's fights with the academics, leaving time for happier pursuits, such as second tenor in the Glee Club. With his companiable nature as sure a comrade as his many friends, Steg will find his career rewarding him as he has answered its call, freely and with a smile.


From Find A Grave:

LT(jg) Leland Richard Stegemerten, son of Gustave and Hazel Stegemerten. Brother of Lt. Col. Walter W. Stegemerten.

Pilot of Navy Privateer patrol bomber, VP-9 P4Y BUNO: 59937, in route from NAS Alameda, California to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, on 28 January, 1953. Transporting Captain Julian David Greer and a staff member to a meeting, when the plane hit Black Peak, Cascade Mountain, Washington, at 5000 feet. Crash attributed to bad weather.

The plane was carrying 4 officers and 6 crew members. The wreckage was found on 7 July, 1953 by 4 mountaineers. On 15 July, 1953, a Navy medical team reported finding seven bodies at, Black Peak, where a Navy Privateer went down in January with 10 aboard.

Death record: Leland Richard Stegemerten, died 28 January, 1953, Jump-off Ridge, Black Peak, Cascade Mountains crash of PB4Y aircraft. Active duty Navy. Age 27 years

From VP-9 Mishaps:

On 28 January 1953, four officers and six crewmen, flying in VP-9 P4Y BUNO: 59937, were lost while making an approach to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. There were no survivors and the wreckage on Black Peak, WA, was not found until snow melted in April. The plane commander was LT(jg) Leland R. Stegmerten and the co-pilot LT(jg) David Jarvis. They were transporting the Commander of FAW-6, CAPT Julian David (Judy) Greer (USNA-1927) and a member of his staff, LT(jg) O.C. Everhart, from NAS Alameda, California to attend a meeting at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Crew members were: ADC C.C. Longacre, AT1 T.W. Huffman, AO3 J.A. Kerrigan, AO3 J.L. McDonnell, AD3 H.L. Ziemba and ADAN T.J. Whitehead...

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Julian Greer '27 and Orville Everhart, Jr. '45 were also killed in this crash.

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