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Matthew Mason, III '72

Date of birth: July 17, 1950

Date of death: February 7, 1975

Age: 24

Lucky Bag

From the 1972 Lucky Bag:


Matt was lost on February 7, 1975 when the T-2C trainer he was piloting crashed near Kingsville, TX. He was a member of Training Squadron (VT) 23 and on a solo flight in the landing pattern at the time. His body was escorted to Arlington National Cemetery by a classmate, where he is buried.

He was survived by his wife.

(All information thanks to the Class of 1972 Facebook group in June 2019.)


From Greg Lamberth '72 on June 11, 2019:

I do have a good story to share about Matt from our TBS Mess Night. All during Basic School, Matt wore a regulation mustache… a little pencil line thing. Much to the dismay of our Company Commander Major Riley. As he used to say, mustaches are permitted; but, they "weren't Riley's way." There were a lot of things that "weren't Riley's way." Anyway, at our Mess Night it had come to that part of the evening when Marines were "shooting Carrier Quals." Matt is standing next to Major Riley and Matt says,"Major, if you'll do a Carrier Qual, I'll shave my mustache." Major Riley, Mess Dress and all, didn't miss a beat. He said,"Hold my jacket Lieutenant," and down the tomato juice soaked Carrier Deck he went. We had a 4 mile "shake out the cobwebs" run about 3 hours later that morning and Matt showed up clean shaven. Don't know if he grew the mustache back after TBS.

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