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Norman Simmonds '24

Date of birth: December 15, 1902

Date of death: January 9, 1945

Age: 42

Lucky Bag

From the 1924 Lucky Bag:


Norman died while aboard a Japanese "hell ship" while he was being transferred to Japan from the Philippines.

Records on the ship and his date of death are confused and point in two different ways.

A large newspaper report, originally reported in the Chicago Sun in November 1945, gives his date of death as December 13, 1944 aboard Oryoku Maru: "Lt. Col. Norman B. Simmonds, a former college middleweight boxing champion, went down and did not arise."

Other records show him surviving the air attack on Oryoku Maru (on December 14) and being transferred to the Enoura Maru; he then perished on that ship on either January 9, 1945, January 21, or January 27.

Before his capture when Corregidor fell, he was the commanding officer of 1st Battalion, 59th Coast Artillery Regiment. He was one of the officers present at the hauling down of the American flag on May 6.

He was survived by his wife and four children.

Class of 1924

Norman is one of 41 members of the Class of 1924 on Virtual Memorial Hall.