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Paul Mellott, Jr. '70

Date of birth: January 1, 1948

Date of death: May 20, 1979

Age: 31

Lucky Bag

From the 1970 Lucky Bag:


From The Indianapolis Star on May 21, 1979:

A Navy helicopter crashed in a field Sunday morning while en route to the Brunswick (Maine) Naval Air Station from Norfolk, Va., killing all five crewmen aboard. The victims were identified by the Navy as Lt. Cmdr. Lynwood H. Duncan, 34, Greensboro. NC; Lt Cmdr. James P. Hogan, 34, Davenport, Iowa; Lt. Paul L. Mellott, 31, Funkstown, Md.; Petty Officer 2d Class Michael J. Kennedy, 25, Warminister. Pa.; and Airman Paul J. Delias, 21, San Jose. Calif. In Norfolk. The Navy reported the SH2D Seasprite chopper went down around 9:30 a.m. The crew members were assigned to Light Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 30, also known as HSL-30 The Navy said an investigation into the crash had begun.

The date of the crash was May 20, 1979.


From the Class of 1970 40th Reunion Book:

I had the pleasure of rooming with Paul Mellott during his first three months at USNA during Plebe Summer. I think he liked me right off, since I seemed to catch more of the flack when upperclassmen entered our room. We spent a fair amount of the early days challenging each other about why we came to Navy and why we were staying. At least Paul had a shot at football stardom and Navy Air. We never quite figured out why I was there. I was amazed at how he deeply loved his girlfriend, Allyson. I mean, he really loved her. Her letters and pictures sustained him. Paul went out for football that summer and spent the evenings trying to recuperate from his 110% effort on the field. He was tough; he took his fair amount of physical punishment in the halls as well as on the football practice field. We had some intense conversations trying to figure out how to survive the Second Classmen out in the hallway, especially when you had to take a trip to the head. We always looked out for each other during the rest of our four years at USNA. Good friends. I miss you Paul. Wally Martin, 2nd Company, ’70

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John Hogan '68 was also lost in this crash. (Note he is incorrectly identified as "James" in the wire story.)

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