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Thomas Pelot '55

Date of birth: June 28, 1835

Date of death: June 3, 1863

Age: 27

Lucky Bag

The Lucky Bag was first published in 1894.

Biography & Loss

From Find A Grave:

Thomas Postell Pelot was a graduate of U.S. Naval Academy, receiving his commision as Lieutenant in 1857. 1861 Lt. Confederate Navy. Commanded Conf. Steamer Savannah 1862. 1864 KIA capturing the 378 ton Union Steamer Water Witch on Ossabaw Sound, GA.

He married and is survived by Clara T.Freeman and 3 daughters, Marion, Rosa and Lalla.

He is listed on the killed in action panel in the front of Memorial Hall. Some more details are here.


From the Naval History and Heritage Command:

Midshipman, 2 June, 1849. Passed Midshipman, 12 June, 1855. Master, 16 September, 1855. Lieutenant, 1 January, 1857. Resigned 11 January, 1861.

Confederates in Memorial Hall

This alumni is included on this site because he is listed in Memorial Hall. We do not feel this is appropriate—these men took up arms against the same constitution they'd once sworn to support and defend—and we have engaged with the Naval Academy and the Naval Academy Alumni Association to correct these and other errors.

Class of 1855

Thomas is one of 6 members of the Class of 1855 on Virtual Memorial Hall.