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Thomas Houston '51

Date of birth: November 11, 1829

Date of death: June 26, 1860

Age: 30

Life & Loss

Thomas Truxtun (sometimes "Truxton") Houston died of remittent fever on June 26, 1860 at Naples, Italy, on board USS Iroquois.

Other Information

From researcher Kathy Franz:

While at the Naval Academy in February 1851, Thomas was a witness in the trial of Lieutenant Fabius Stanly. While off duty, Stanly had requested a fight with his former Commander Zachariah Johnston, and Captain Dupereau was accused of posting a paper about it at the National Hotel. Thomas was sent to get it, but Lieutenant Russell had already taken it down. Ultimately, Stanley was found guilty of charges and dismissed from the Navy. From US Congressional Serial Set, volume 684, H. Doc 69, page 45.

Thomas’ parents were John and Gertrude (Truxtun) Houston. His grandfather was Commodore Thomas Truxton (1755-1822), and his cousin was Commodore William Truxton (1824-1887). His father John was the cousin of Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas twice.

Thomas married Sarah Posey. Their son Thomas Jr was appointed to the Naval Academy in 1877 and was graduation speaker at the University of Maryland -- salutatory in June 1879 and valedictory in June 1880.


From the Naval History and Heritage Command:

Midshipman, 26 August, 1845. Passed Midshipman, 6 October, 1851. Master, 15 September, 1855. Lieutenant, 16 September, 1855. Died 26 June, 1860.

During the Mexican-American War, he was aboard USS Dale and participated in a battle at Guaymas, Mexico.

In April 1857 he was in Nicaragua and had "escorted all American women and children from Rivas to safety at San Juan del Sur." He was an officer aboard the sloop St. Mary's at the time.

He is buried in Washington, D.C.; Thomas was survived by his wife and son, Thomas, Jr.

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Class of 1851

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