Class of 1991 Reunion

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Welcome back, '91! As a part of your reunion, you'll undoubtedly share memories of your 10 classmates, below, who were lost in peace and war. Please help us tell their stories and preserve their memories for their families, friends, and for future generations of Naval Officers. Photographs are a welcome addition, too. No remembrance is too small when it comes to understanding who your classmates were as people.

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Thank you for your service and welcome back to your Naval Academy!

1991 Pletcher LB.jpg
Marcus Pletcher
Class of 1991


Chelsea, Michigan

September 14, 1994 (25 years old)

Operational loss, Fighter Squadron (VF) 101, Fixed Wing

1991 Smith LB.jpg
Brian Smith
Class of 1991


Louisville, Kentucky

September 15, 1997 (28 years old)

Operational loss, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 224, Fixed Wing

1991 Nolan LB.jpg
Jonathan Nolan
Class of 1991


Liverpool, New York

May 27, 1998 (28 years old)

Operational loss, Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 37, Fixed Wing

1991 Domino LB.jpg
Anthony Domino
Class of 1991


Middletown, Delaware

April 18, 2003 (34 years old)

Operational loss, Fighter Squadron Composite (VFC) 13, Fixed Wing

1991 Zellem LB.jpg
Scott Zellem
Class of 1991


Indiana, Pennsylvania

August 10, 2004 (35 years old)

Operational loss, Sea Control Squadron (VS) 35, Fixed Wing


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