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William Hedrick '51

Date of birth: January 16, 1927

Date of death: June 9, 1954

Age: 27

Lucky Bag

From the 1951 Lucky Bag:


From VP Navy:

IWAKUNI, Japan, June 10 (UP)- Navy and Air Force planes dared threatening weather today to take off at dawn in an all-out search for an American plane missing south of Japan with 17 men aboard. U.S. Navy surface ships joined in the search and pattrol craft of the Japanese Coast Guard raced out of their Kyushu bases to lend thier efforts to the hunt for the missing Navy PBY amphibian. Navy headquarters said two Marine officers from the First Marine Air Wing, six navel officers and seven enlisted men from VP 47, the planes home base,and one navel officer and one enlisted man from Fleet Air Wing Six were aboard the missing craft, which was on a routine flight to Hongkong..." Contributed by Paul Schlagheck pjschlag@comcast.net [26OCT99]

WASHINGTON, June 10 (AP) The U.S. Navy announced today the names of 17 men who were aboard a Navy amphibian plane overdue on a flight between Japan and Okinawa. The plane was attached to the Navy Patrol Squadron at Iwakuni Air Base. Personal aboard the plane: Lt. Wallace R. Carter , Alameda,Cal.; Lt. (JG) Cecil F.Hackeny Jr. Birmingham, Ala.; Lt. (JG) William B. Hedrick, Alameda, Cal.; Lt. (JG) Wallace H. Wertz, Newport, Pa.; Ens. John D. McCathy, Olean, N.Y. Ens. Homer F. Trotter Jr., San Bernardino, Cal.; Ens. Berje Weramian , Corpus Christi, TX.; Douglas C. Campbell, Electronics Technician 2/c Boscobel, Wis.; Ira E. Crider, Telman 3/c Tyler, TX.; Jerrold D. Edwards, Aviation Electronics Technician 3/c Portland, Ore.; Ronald D. Graham Aviation Structural Mechanic 2/c Danora, Pa.; Donald D. Landon, Photographers Mate 3/c, and James E. Landon, Aviation Ordnance Man 2/c, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Laurence E. Stone, Aviation Electronics Man 1/c, Alameda, Cal.; Walter R. Raab, Aviation Machinist Mate, Hawthorne, Cal. The following two are Marines: Maj. James R. O'Moore, Corono Delmar, Cal.; Capt. Theodore R. Moore, Warren, Pa. There are a couple of errors in the artical. This is as it appears in the Stars & Stripes James LaFollett Omaha, Texas..." Contributed by Paul Schlagheck pjschlag@comcast.net [26OCT99]

TOKYO, July 11 (AP) Japanese volunteers who assisted in recovering the bodies of 17 Americans who were killed in a plane crash on Yaku Island received the thanks of the American government yesterday. In a letter to Rokusuke Kudo, chief of the forestery agency on the island, Vice Admiral W.M. Callaghan, Far East commander thanked the Japanese for aiding removing the bodies from the storm swept peak of the mountain island which juts 6,000 feet from the sea off southern Japan. Crashed Against Peak The Navy amphibious plane with 17 Marines and Naval personal aboard crashed against the side of the peak at the 5,500 foot level on June 9. Efforts to reach the site of the crash were delayed for more than a week due to bad weather and difficult mountain terrain. While the Navy struggled to reach the crashed plane via helicopters, ground parties of Japanese and U.S. service personnel attempted to reach the plane by land. When the death scene was finally reached the Japanese and Americans built crude bridges and primitive roads down the steep mountains to remove the bodies. At Ambo, a village at the foot of the peak the Japanese held traditional funeral services for the 17. Pacific Stars & Stripes, James LaFollett, Omaha, Tx, 10-19-99..."Contributed by Paul Schlagheck pjschlag@comcast.net [26OCT99]

He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

He was the youngest son of Dave (USNA '09) and Mildred. He was also survived by his wife, Joan, and a young son whom he had not yet seen.

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