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William Donovan, Jr. '86

Date of birth: May 15, 1964

Date of death: September 11, 2001

Age: 37

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From the Naval Academy Alumni Association's 9/11 page:

Commander Donovan was born in Nunda, NY, and was commissioned at the Naval Academy with the Class of 1986. Commander Donovan served in Patrol Squadrons 11, 31 and 1, as well as serving aboard GEORGE WASHINGTON. Commander Donovan had been on the Chief of Naval Operations staff for a little over a year on 11 September. He was in the Pentagon when Flight 77 crashed and was among those missing and presumed dead.


From the Naval Academy Alumni Association's updated 9/11 page:

Bill had a way of removing stress in any situation. I remember the first couple of dress parades in the fall of our Plebe year—Bill was near the back of 13th Company. As the Brigade officers began their movement to honor the visiting dignitaries, I heard what sounded like Bill Murray's character from Caddy Shack—imagine as the Brigade officers reached for their sword, Bill said, in the Murray voice, 'I think he's going to use the nine iron ...' and has the sword salute followed through, 'Ah, he got all of that one...it's a Cinderella story.' We all laughed enough that our covers moved a little too much and our parade grades weren't that great, but our Company Officer Major Noto seemed to go with the Class of 1986 finding its place in the Brigade. Bill embodied our 13th Company family with the Class of 1986: easy going, a hard worker and friends with everyone. Christopher Atwell '86

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