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Alvin Storey, II '55

Date of birth: September 20, 1932

Date of death: February 26, 1958

Age: 25

Lucky Bag

From the 1955 Lucky Bag:

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Alvin was killed on February 26, 1958 when the B-47 Stratojet he was aboard crashed outside of Lockbourne AFB, PA.

Charlotte Observer, February 27, 1958:

LT. Storey was born Sept. 20, 1932, at Cumberland, Md. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1955 and was married the same year to the former Miss Frances Ann Sudduth of Washington, D.C.

Survivors include his father , a Celanese Corporation executive here; his mother, his wife Francis Ann, a daughter, Lynn, 2; a sister, Edith Ellen, of the home, and a brother, Frederick, of Chicago, Ill.

(article spelled wife's name both "Frances" and "Francis")


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In "From Lockbourne to Heaven in a B-47":

My mother and father were 26 at the time, and by all accounts very happy. The morning of the crash, my mother said she "knew something was wrong, or was going to happen." After my father left for work as usual, she looked at a shirt of his and had a foreboding feeling. When later that day two men in uniform came to the door, she knew what they were there for. She said I asked for my father many times; caring for me was what got her through those days, she said. …

What happened to my father has been a deep part of me all my life, but I suppose there have always been questions unanswered. I know my mother was told very little about the crash or related details, and I never thought she recovered from the grief. Most of all, I miss knowing him, I believe he was exceptional in many ways…" Lyn Holmes, daughter


Alvin was survived by his wife and daughter, Lyn Holmes (as of October 2012).

Much information in "From Lockbourne to Heaven in a B-47", a (online-only?) book written by the flight command's son and updated in 2013.

Class of 1955

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