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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: August 8, 1917
Date of death: February 1, 1944
Age: 26

Lucky Bag

1939 Pierce LB.jpg

From the 1939 Lucky Bag:



Beans, Bill, Canabeer

Bill is a Marine Corps Junior, but well-liked in spite of it. Having no particular home, Bill took spoons from all states, but remains partial to Massachusetts and Virginia. Bill is noted for continually being in a storm, but when it clears away he's usually got his. He never talks before breakfast, but is effervescent the rest of the day. He never does things by halves, if he drags a brick, she's a real brick; if he bilges a P-work, he bilges it cold. However, all his time is not devoted to dragging bricks and bilging P-works; he finds time for swimming and track—and doesn't bilge them. Bill's ambition has always been to serve his rich Uncle Samuel, and we wish him all the luck he rates.

Track 4, 3; Battalion Swimming 3; Battalion Soccer 2; Language Club 3; Boat Club 3; Radio Club 3; 1 P.O.


Canterbury was lost when USS Scorpion (SS 278) was sunk sometime after January 5, 1944. He was executive officer of the boat.

His wife was listed as next of kin.

Wartime Service

He reported aboard USS Scorpion (SS 278) on September 27, 1943, before the boat's third war patrol. He was XO for the fourth and final patrol.

Unable to find a citation for the Bronze Star medal he was awarded.

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