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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: December 14, 1916
Date of death: July 24, 1945
Age: 28

Lucky Bag

1940 Sawers LB.jpg

From the 1940 Lucky Bag:


Columbia, Missouri

Anybody who isn't stone deaf has heard Good Old Charlie rending the atmosphere with the mellifluous tones of his fishhorn. His mean games of billiards and bridge give mute evidence of a carefree college life in Missouri's halls of higher learning. Always ready with a humorous slant on any predicament, his motto dictates that as long as he is happy no one can hurt him. Any afternoon in the spring or fall finds him with a can of brightwork polish in hand, applying his youngster cruise education to the brass on the Crocodile, and any week-end finds him pursuing higher seamanship on the waters of Chesapeake Bay.


Charlie was lost on July 25, 1945 while attached to VFB-16 and conducting an attack on the remnants of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Bombing of Kure.

His wife was listed as next of kin. Charlie has a memory marker in Tennessee.

Distinguished Flying Cross

From Hall of Valor:

(Citation Needed) - SYNOPSIS: Lieutenant Commander Charles Sawers (NSN: 0-85263), United States Navy, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (Posthumously) for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as a Fighter Pilot embarked in U.S.S. RANDOLPH over Kure, Honshu, Japan, on 24 July 1945.

General Orders: Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin No. 352 (July 1946)
Action Date: July 24, 1945
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Division: U.S.S. Randolph

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