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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: 1916
Date of death: October 13, 1943
Age: ~27

Lucky Bag

1940 Durant LB.jpg

From the 1940 Lucky Bag:


Mobile, Alabama

By these words you will know him "Did I ever tell you about" — and he is off on another story. The "Deacon," as he is affectionately known, loves to talk — any time and on any subject. His gasping listeners doubt him at times, but it matters not to Dolive. Hailing from Alabama, he is slow to anger except about one subject — damnyankees (in one word). He is the athletic type — interested in all athletics, especially baseball, wrestling, football, and swimming. After once getting to know the "Deacon," one can't help but like him. He is the kind of man who will be a good officer and a true friend.

Dolive Durant, Jr. is also listed on the page titled “And Some We Knew.” Despite being pictured in the 1940 Lucky Bag, he did not graduate.He resigned on June 1, 1939, with the note “Deficient in studies, second term's work. Recommended to be dropped. Permitted to resign.”


Dolive was lost when his B-24D Liberator bomber went missing en route from Labrador to Iceland on October 13, 1943. All twelve crewmen aboard were lost.

His wife was listed as next of kin.

He attended "Southwestern at Memphis" -- now Rhodes College -- for a time before leaving in 1938. The school newspaper said he was survived by a daughter as well as his wife.

Dolive is listed on the killed in action panel at the center of Memorial Hall.

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