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Lucky Bag

1944 Suhre LB.jpg

From the 1944 Lucky Bag:

Francis Joseph Suhre

Baltimore, Maryland

Frenchy was forever getting sand in his shoes. It was rumored that he played soccer with so much ease because he could run along at full tilt and, without stooping, clip his opponents behind the knees with his shoulders. This small and mighty lad spoke staccato French to the constant joy and occasional disconcertion of the "Dago" professors. Born in Haiti and brought up in France, Francis called our English course his foreign language; but he almost lost his Le Havre accent at the Academy. Often, in the midst of wild and stormy discussions, he emerged on top because, when the air became blue and bitterly agitated, he could laugh.

The Class of 1944 was graduated in June 1943 due to World War II. The entirety of 2nd class (junior) year was removed from the curriculum.

Life & Loss

Unable to find any specific information about Francis' life or loss. He was a member of the Sixth Fleet Staff embarked aboard USS Newport News (CA 148) for that ship's 1952 Mediterranean cruise.

He appears in the Navy Sports Hall of Fame for soccer.

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