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Irven Hissom '49

Date of birth: June 19, 1925

Date of death: January 25, 1956

Age: 30

Lucky Bag

From the 1949 Lucky Bag:



Irven A. Hissom was born on 19 June 1925 in Mahoning, Ohio; father's name Gail. In the 1930 census of Youngstown, Ohio as Irwin Hissom, 4.

In the 1940 census of Canton, Stark county, Ohio as Irven A. Hissom, 14. He was living with his parents, Gail D. and Mary Hissom. In 1935 he had been residing in Youngstown, Mahoning county, Ohio.

Irven A. Hissom joined the Marine Corps on 5 August 1943. In October 1943 Irven A. Hissom was mustered as a Private in the Second Recruit battalion, Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD), San Diego, California. He must have impressed someone because in the same month he was transferred to the Marine Barracks, Navy Yard, Washington, D.C., where he was to attend the Naval Academy Prepartory School, Naval Training Station, Bainbridge, Maryland.

""Well you can imagine how I felt when I saw [Irven A.] "Whitey" Hissom ['43] down on the ground just like he used to be at Reserve." Jack and Whitey were teammates on the football team at Reserve. Jack's letter continued: "I had pictured him out in the Pacific somewhere and I was bewildered when I saw him . . . We had a swell visit and talked over old times at Reserve." Whitey was also attending the Annapolis prep school. He had been in the barracks next to Jack's for the last eight weeks and it was the first time they had seen each other. "It sure is a small world," he noted." - from "Remembering the Boys" by Lynna Piekutowski

He was still there in April 1945. Irven did attend the Academy, graduating in 1949.

In July 1949 Irven mustered as a Second Lieutenant, awaiting assignment to the Basic School, in Qauntico, Virginia. This was, as the name implies, the first of many courses Irven would take to make him into a Marine. In October 1950 Second Lieutenant Irven A. Hissom mustered in B company, Second Tank battalion, Second Marine Division, Fleet Marine Forces, Camp Lejeune.

In July 1951 First Lieutenant Irven A. Hissom was at the Marine Aviation Det in Pensacola, Florida. By January 1953 Irven was in Marine Fighter Squadron 122 in Cherry Point, North Carolina. This unit was flying the F9F Panther. In January 1954 the squadron transferred to the FJ Fury, but I think Irven was already on his way out of the squadron by this time.

In April 1954 Irven was in Fighter Squaron 115, in Korea, flying the F9F. Afterwards he transferred to the Headquarters squadron in El Toro, California.

A reference of 1956 shows "Hissom, Irven Arthur 8-19 June '25 Ohio ?-SecNav Capt. USMC. Died 25 Jan. '56 on authorized training flight near El Centro, Calif." He was buried in Washington, D.C.

He was survived by his wife, Gloria. (Information from March 1956 issue of Shipmate.)


His name is occasionally misspelled "Hisson," with an N. The 1949 class history spelled it incorrectly, as did the Lucky Bag above his 1/c biography (though it is correctly spelled in the index).

Class of 1949

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