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Lucky Bag

From the 1948-A Lucky Bag:

1948 Sangster LB.jpg

John Bernard Sangster, Jr.

Grinnell, Iowa

J. B. came out of the Tall-Corn State with a big appetite and a much bigger smile. Johnny was always available to drag that extra girl, but he always managed to get the best one. He was never one to let a girl tie him down, or so he said, but at every hop and week-end entertainment J. B. could be seen with a new one, and he was always leading the Flying Squadron back to Bancroft. Although not the smartest man in his class, he never studied when he could be playing basketball or football, eating somebody's food from home, or writing to his following among the fairer sex.

John commanded 16th Company (2nd set). He graduated with the class of 1948-A, the last of the wartime-accelerated classes, in June 1947. (The bottom half of the class by academic standing, designated 1948-B, completed an extra year and graduated in June 1948.)


John was lost in a A-3 accident on August 26, 1959.


From IAGenWeb:

The Grinnell (IA) Herald-Register, August 1959


Lt. Comdr. John B. Sangster, former Grinnell resident who died in an airplane crash last Wednesday, will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

Memorial services for Sangster will be held Tuesday in Sanford, Fla. Burial will be Friday.

Sangster was piloting a twin-engine jet bomber near Charlotte, N.C., before the accident. The plane suffered a total power failure at 40,000 feet. After attempts to start the engines failed, Sangster ordered the two crew member to parachute to safety.

The crew members left the plane at 16,000 feet. There was danger of crashing in a heavily populated area, and it is believed Sangster stayed with the plane to prevent this.

The plane crashed in a field about 40 miles from Charlotte, taking Sangster down with it.

Sangster is survived by his wife, Diane, and his daughter Gail, who will be two later this year. He graduated from Grinnell high school in 1942, but his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sangster, now live in Nathrop, Colo.

A memorial in Sangster's name has been established at the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. Friends can obtain further information by calling Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mathews.

Lt. Cmdr. John B. Sangster
Born 16 Oct 1924
Died 26 Aug 1959
Find A Grave Memorial #49308079

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