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John Hart '47

Date of birth: April 4, 1824

Date of death: June 11, 1863

Age: 39

Lucky Bag

The Lucky Bag was first published in 1894.


From Find A Grave:

Civil War Union Naval Officer. Appointed midshipman on February 23, 1841, he became a Lieutenant in 1855. During the first 18 months of the Civil War, he served aboard the Vincennes and the Santee. On August 5, 1862, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and in October was assigned command of the Albatross of the West Gulf Squadron. Needing extra protection for his wooden steamer, he had its decks piled with cotton bales and both bales and lumber attached to its sides. At St. Andrew's Bay, Florida, in an expedition on November 24 to December 8, 1862, the men of the Albatross destroyed a major saltworks. They participated in Rear Admiral David G. Farragut's attack on Port Hudson in March 1863, losing 1 Albatross sailor. On May 4, 1863, while reconnoitering Confederate Fort De Russy on the Red River, the Albatross engaged the iron steamers Grand Duke and Mary T and Confederate cavalry on shore. After receiving extensive damage and suffering 4 casualties, the Albatross withdrew. He complained to Farragut that he could have captured both steamers, which he claimed were preparing to surrender, had his signals for assistance been heeded by the other vessels of the expedition. Irrational from fever, he shot himself while aboard the Albatross. His body was brought ashore and given a Masonic burial. His burial caused a cease fire in hostilities as the local Masonic brothers needed to conduct the services were serving in the Confederate army. His burial location is noted by Louisiana with a state historical marker.

He was born in, and appointed to the Naval Academy from, New York.

He is listed on the killed in action panel in the front of Memorial Hall.


From the Naval History and Heritage Command:

Midshipman, 23 February, 1841. Passed Midshipman, 10 August, 1847. Master, 14 September, 1855. Lieutenant, 15 September, 1855. Lieutenant Commander, 16 July, 1862. Killed in battle 11 June, 1863.

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Class of 1847

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