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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: April 1, 1928
Date of death: February 20, 1955
Age: 26

Lucky Bag

1952 Hackett LB.jpg

From the 1952 Lucky Bag:

John Joseph Hackett

Ardsley, New York

A sense of humor and pleasant disposition made John a nice guy to have around. Leaving Fordham University to give the Marine Corps the benefit of his services, he spent over two years with the Leathernecks before entering Navy's halls. A staunch defender of the decorous things of life, John maintained his dignity and high ideals but always managed to be in on the good times. An ardent tennis player and an avid reader, he also found time for dragging. Able, conscientious, and having a confidence in himself that is shared by his many friends, John assures the Fleet of receiving a fine officer.


John was killed in an explosion aboard USS Pomodon (SS 486) on February 20, 1955, in San Francisco Naval Shipyard. Four others were also killed. He was survived by his wife, Sylvia Marilyn Hackett, and is buried in California.

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