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Myrel Maxson '60

Date of birth: March 7, 1936

Date of death: May 7, 1963

Age: 27

Lucky Bag

From the 1960 Lucky Bag:

1st Regimental Staff Fall


From USNA '60 Memorial Site:

Immediately after graduation, Bud started his brief Naval career as a company officer for Plebe summer. He also married Sharon Stanchfield of Wise River, Montana. At the end of the summer he joined the rest of the junior birdmen in Pensacola. He received his wings in late ‘61 as a helicopter pilot and went to the RAG (HS-10) at Ream Field in Imperial Beach, CA. He then joined HS-4 also at Ream Field. In early 1963, he went on his first WestPac cruise. In May, he was killed in a helicopter crash with his plane commander and two photographers in Manila Bay. The cause of the crash was not determined.

During the time he was stationed in Pensacola he and Sharon had a baby girl, Marl, and Sharon delivered another girl, Stacy, in August two months after Bud’s death. Sharon subsequently remarried a fine man whom Bud would have approved of and settled In Missoula, Montana.


From USNA '60 Memorial Site:

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of our dear friend and classmate "Bud" Maxson. Bud was killed in a helicopter accident off USS Yorktown (CV 10) in Manila Harbor on 8 May 1963. We delayed in making the announcement because the rumors had to be confirmed. We first heard the rumors in August - and we hoped against hope that they be nothing more. Unfortunately, they were correct. Yet, the news produced a shock that shook our very foundations, for Bud was one of our finest classmates, a great athlete, a great competitor, whose ready wit and pleasant personality brightened many a gloomy moment. We hated to see him go and we join his family and friends in grieving his fateful loss — the only consolation lies in the fact that he died with honor, in the service of our country, for freedom, for his friends. Shipmate, December 1963

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