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Lucky Bag

From the 1948-A Lucky Bag:

1948 Mitchell LB.jpg

Robert Nicholson Mitchell, Jr.

Bolivar, Tennessee

From Bolivar, "close to Memphis," Tennessee, Mitch came to the Academy with more than his share of the old Blue and Gold. During plebe summer, Mitch took up track, and in spite of his "I hate to run" motto, he ran right through three years of Academy life. Although the academic grind proved no obstacle to this savvy son of the South, anyone interested can find his Dago book at the bottom of the Severn. Mitch's big-heartedness and always-willing-to-do-a-favor manner made him everybody's friend. From Crabtown to the far China Station, this Navy-loving twenty-year man is certain to find success in the Fleet.

He graduated with the class of 1948-A, the last of the wartime-accelerated classes, in June 1947. (The bottom half of the class by academic standing, designated 1948-B, completed an extra year and graduated in June 1948.)


Unable to find details of Robert's life or loss, except that he was killed in an "aircraft accident" on May 24, 1950. He is buried in Boliver, Tennessee. Possible the aircraft was a "Lockheed F-94A-1-LO;" one of these was a trainer and crashed at Wright Patterson AFB on this date.

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