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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: December 16, 1926
Date of death: August 12, 1951
Age: 24

Lucky Bag

1949 Conklin LB.jpg

From the 1949 Lucky Bag:

Robert W. Conklin


Here at Navy, Conk was about as far from home as he could get without getting his feet wet. After graduating from Wenatchee High School, Bob went to Washington State for a year, where he picked up some engineering and a TEKE pin. At Navy, Conk's interests centered about his two great loves: basketball and jive. The winter, and most other, months found him streaking about the courts in plebe and JV basketball. He was also more than just a lover of jive; he played it, appropriately enough, on the drums, and we'd often seen him helping out a combo during hop intermission. If Conk ever gives up that intention to "mount a 5"/38 on a canoe and go deer hunting in the wilds of Montana," it'll be a real pleasure to serve with the Wanatcheean again someday.


From Kodiak Alaska Military History:

1951 AUG 12 Aircraft PB4Y-2 Privateer BuNo 66298 Squadron VP-9 Wing CFAW-4 from NAS Kodiak crashed on Amak Island, 20 miles NW of Cold Bay. Action: Killed: Lt Roy Edwin Park, 31, Columbus, Ohio, pilot; LtJg Robert Wilfred Conklin, 24, South Great Falls, Mont., co-pilot; ENS Henry Howard Wood, 21, Denver, Colo., navigator; Joseph Dale Witherspoon AN, 22, Fordtown, Tenn.; William Stuart Wagner AN, 21, San Francisco, Calif.; Bobby Enloe AN, 21, Houston, Texas; Elnord Ellis Flinkfelt AN, 20, Pawtucket, R.I.; Leonard Walter Sexton AD1, 30, San Jose, Calif.; Edwin Francis Busby, Jr. AT3, 22, Lowell, Mass.; Ronald Lee Hunt AM3, 21, Black Butte, Ore.; Brooks Alton Williams AT1, 30, Chicago, Ill.; Charles Wyalis Elkins AO3, 28, N.W. Linton, Ind. [information also from The Kodiak Bear August 17, 1951. Wreckage sighted 15 August by navy PBY, pilot Lt A.M. Zakarian. 900 foot mountainside. USS Tillimook sent to investigate.]

Aviation Archaeology has further details. VP-9 has much the same information as above.

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