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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: unknown
Date of death: August 1, 1952
Age: unknown

Lucky Bag

1950 Jenike LB.jpg

From the 1950 Lucky Bag:


Hillsboro, Ohio

After putting in over two years as a bluejacket, Tom attended Case Institute and Ohio University before settling for the four-year stretch. Study hours were consequently most important to Tom in that they offered him a chance for catching up on his sleep. When he did decide to break away from the records, women, and the basketball team to hit his Steam books, he could tear through the work in a hurry. During the first few days of basketball practice each year—he would groan and complain of slave drivers; but he always reached top condition. We've never seen him fail when he wants a goal, and that should set the stage for his future.


From USNA 1950:

Tom joined the Navy via the V-12 program at Case Institute of Applied Science, followed by Radar School in Biloxi, MS. He won his wings in 1952 and was assigned to USS Roosevelt. While flying, he experienced engine failure. He reported a "cut gun" and started his glide followed by two squadron mates. Tom elected to ditch on the beach of tiny Navassa Island in the Caribbean. As his AD skidded to a stop, the plane burned.

The date of the crash was August 1, 1952. Unable to find record of a memory marker or burial location.

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