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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: March 29, 1927
Date of death: March 31, 1953
Age: 26

Lucky Bag

1951 Sheets LB.jpg

From the 1951 Lucky Bag:

Thomas Llewellyn Sheets

Woodbine, Iowa

"Thorn" came to our ranks from the Army Air Corps . . . first of his family to venture to Navy . . . claims to be a thirty-year man . . . can't make up his mind whether to return to the Air Corps or to become a submariner . . . wears his hair as long as regulations will permit . . . that is, what hair he has . . . always singing something ... it may not be a song, but he is still singing ... had a rather trying time on youngster cruise ... he thought it was to be a pleasure cruise . . . says he might not stand high enough in his class to become an admiral, but still contends that he will make it someday.


From Find A Grave:

Thomas enlisted in the United States Army on 21 June 1945. He later attended the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, graduating in 1951. He then served in the United States Air Force. (This was before the Air Force had its own academy.) He was killed when his jet plane went down near Anchorage, Alaska.

He was flying a F-94 Starfire when he crashed on March 31, 1953; he is buried in Iowa.

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