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William Peterson, Jr. '42

Date of birth: December 12, 1919

Date of death: August 10, 1945

Age: 25

Lucky Bag

From the 1942 Lucky Bag:


From Class History: 1942:

On 10 August 1945, during one of the last raids on Honshu, Bill Peterson was killed. Among his several exploits, he had managed to destroy one Japanese airplane.

He was flying a F6F-5 Hellcat with Fighting Bombing Squadron (VFB) 87.

Distinguished Flying Cross

From Hall of Valor:

(Citation Needed) - SYNOPSIS: Lieutenant William L. Peterson, Jr. (NSN: 0-123436), United States Navy, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (Posthumously) for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as Pilot of a Fighter-Bombing Plane in Fighting-Bombing Squadron EIGHTY-SEVEN (VFB-87), Air Group 87, embarked in U.S.S. TICONDEROGA over the Japanese homeland on 10 August 1945.

General Orders: Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin No. 355 (October 1946)
Action Date: August 10, 1945
Service: Navy
Rank: Lieutenant
Company: Fighting Bombing Squadron 87 (VBF-87)
Division: U.S.S. Ticonderoga

Class of 1942

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