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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: December 8, 1928
Date of death: March 27, 1957
Age: 28

Lucky Bag

1951 Charles LB.jpg

From the 1951 Lucky Bag:

William Olwyn Charles

Pueblo, Colorado

From the mountains to the Severn shore . . . entered the Brigade as a scared, lost lad . . . four years of near bilging . . . the first man out of the gate on liberty . . . tall stories and a smile, his specialty. "Who studied this lesson, I wrote letters. Isn't it sack time yet?" Bill's ideal female is a nice girl and a party girl combined . . . he's still looking . . . horses and hunting fill his athletic desire . . . never a word until after black coffee ... so easy-going that neither academics nor women get him down . . . youngster cruise confirmed it. Naval Aviation is the only thing that will keep him away from Colorado . . . leaves the Brigade lost and scared.

He was also a member of the Reception Committee and the 6th Company staff (winter).


Bill was lost when his TV-2 training plane crashed near Belton, Missouri, on March 27, 1957. He was the instructor pilot; the student was also killed.

Bill is buried in Colorado. His wife and what appears to be one son survived him. She remarried and later passed away in 2015.

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John Stump '51 was also a member of the Reception Committee.

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