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Lucky Bag

1944 Bulloch LB.jpg

From the 1944 Lucky Bag:

William Robert Bulloch

Dermott, Arkansas

If you wished to meet a true Southern gentleman of fine and deep character, with kindness and sympathy in his personality, a man capable of doing the difficult tasks and doing them well, you could go to Bill Bulloch. A man who played hard and worked harder, smiled when he succeeded and laughed when he lost, he was a fine roommate and staunch friend. Bill was an interesting and logical conversationalist; his sound thinking prevented him from giving an opinion until it could be thoroughly substantiated. Arkansas gave Hollywood Bob Burns, and the Naval Academy Bill, a one-man Chamber of Commerce.

The Class of 1944 was graduated in June 1943 due to World War II. The entirety of 2nd class (junior) year was removed from the curriculum.


John was lost when his F4U-4B Corsair crashed near NAAS Oceana while conducting bomb and strafing practice.

The site above includes a date in 1947; this is likely incorrect because it would place him out of order chronologically in Memorial Hall. Also, in other cases it is demonstrably wrong.

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