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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: 1928
Date of death: June 28, 1955
Age: ~26

Lucky Bag

1952 McAneny LB.jpg

From the 1952 Lucky Bag:

Alan Murdock McAneny

Yonkers, New York

Hamilton College and the U.S. Marine Corps were the Duke's stepping stones to Navy. With his fine sense of humor and knack for practical jokes, Mac took plebe year in stride, as he also took trips around Thompson Stadium on the plebe track team. Many of us will never forget the appearance Vaughn Monroe presented, standing in front of the "mike" after receiving a "wild-man" from the Duke and two of his cohorts. Battles with a smoking slide rule, a broken parallel ruler, and memorizing the terms in the "Treaty of Smoltz" were the Duke's specialities. Large stacks of perfumed letters best described the Duke's success with the fairer sex.


Duke was lost when his FJ-2 Fury fighter crashed on O-Shima Island, Japan on June 28, 1955. He was part of a major search effort to rescue two other Marines who had been drifting in the Pacific Ocean for several days. He is buried in New York.

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