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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: January 1, 1918
Date of death: September 17, 1943
Age: 25

Lucky Bag

1941 Poole LB.jpg

From the 1941 Lucky Bag:


Bennett, Colo.

He can tell you all about ranches and cows, but that's not all he knows. Play a game of bridge with him, talk to him, just be with him, and you realize how varied his interests are. You might have to study him for months at a time for he is hard to fathom but sooner or later you realize what kind of a fellow this Salty is. Aside from his capabilities as a student of technology (not literature), he enjoys life and sees the responsibilities as well as privileges thai friendship has to offer. He is easy to please, loves to read the latest Cosmo, but is not what one might call a prom trotter. He gets his exercise on his bunk, in the gym, and in Mr. Ortland's class for beginners where he stars. He has swept out the room for three years (a record for any midshipman) and has done everything else to make life pleasant for others. Studies are a secondary issue with Clarabclle—he was never meant to be a cutthroat; it isn't in him.

He just rocks along with the breeze, leading a life of ease.

The Class of 1941 was the first of the wartime-accelerated classes, graduating in February 1941.


Claire was lost when USS Pompano (SS 181) was sunk off the coast of Japan, probably on September 17, 1943 by combined air and surface attack.

His wife was listed as next of kin. She later remarried another Naval Academy graduate.

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Claire is one of 59 members of the Class of 1941 in Memorial Hall.
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