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Edward Wood '51

Date of birth: December 2, 1927

Date of death: August 5, 1966

Age: 38

Lucky Bag

From the 1951 Lucky Bag:


From A-4 Skyhawk:

Wood was the squadron executive officer and (Lt.) Feldman was flying with him and two others, returning from a cross country at New Orleans. The flight got incredibly disoriented flying VFR in the clouds resulting in Feldman bailing out and breaking his neck, and Wood heading straight down. When he tried to pull out, the excessive g forces extended one of his slats and the high speed wind tore it off, turning the aircraft into a corkscrew. Wood couldn't bail out because he had a bad back and used to fly with parachute straps unconnected at the top (I don't exactly remember how you could do this) to allow him movement to ease his stiffness. I was supposed to be number five of this gaggle but my plane crapped out on me on our original departure from Yuma and I had to miss the trip. Good thing for me I did. Feldman was flying number 3 position and Wood #4. #5 was not a good place to be.

Both were great guys and I remember Joe [Feldman] at the O Club with his beautiful young wife and child one Sunday afternoon after our squadron drill weekend. I was a crossover from the Air Force and always walking around in a sea of confusion about Navy ways. I got to buy drinks one day for forgetting to remove my hat in the club bar. I wound up with Wood's g-suit bag which I carried with me for years on my airline flights (TWA) as a dirty clothes bag. Each time I looked at it, I promised myself i wouldn't get into a situation like Ed did!

A4s, and memories of those flown west, forever! Bob Sackett

The date of the crash was August 5, 1966. Ed is buried in California.

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Class of 1951

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