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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: April 13, 1929
Date of death: January 20, 1966
Age: 36

Lucky Bag

1951 Richardson LB.jpg

From the 1951 Lucky Bag:

Richard H. Richardson

Mt. Rainier, Maryland

Big Dick is one of those rare native Washingtonians . . . born and bred in D. C. . . . bread, that is, and it ook a lot of it to mold this 6' 4" giant . . . joined Uncle Sam's Navy after high school and ended up at NAPS . . . one of those guys who can tell you the name of a record after two notes are played . . . likes all sports and plays them all . . . when you need another hand at cards, or a guy for a drinking party, Rich is your man . . . where there's merriment there's Rich . . . eats more than four horses . . . "But I need it, I'm just a growing boy" . . . how much bigger can he grow?


Rich was lost when his F-8 Crusader struck the ramp while landing aboard USS Midway (CVA 41) on January 20, 1966 while operating off the coast of Southern California. He is buried in California.

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