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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: July 28, 1918
Date of death: October 12, 1944
Age: 26

Lucky Bag

1939 Cook LB.jpg

From the 1939 Lucky Bag:



Toby, Cookie, F.E.

There is a lot to be said in favor of tall men, but there is no discredit to being small, if we may judge by this specimen. Born into a Navy life, Toby has absorbed its principles {[by experience as much as by environment]} and has emerged with the desire to excel in his profession. Pensacola gave him his first whiff of salt air, and San Diego now maintains this olfactory delight. The sea is definitely a part of him, so that the Chesapeake has often seen him in his full glory as master of the "Croc." Led on by an ever-strong though sometimes a little misguided, ambition, his activities have been manifold. His good cheer should be sufficient to tide him over the rough points ahead.

Soccer 3; Movie Gang 4, 3, 2, 1; Boat Club 3, 2, 1; 1 P.O.


Franklin was lost on October 12, 1944 during the Formosa Air Battle while piloting a F6F-5 Hellcat fighter with Fighting Squadron (VF) 19 from USS Lexington (CV 16). He was commanding officer of Fighting Squadron (VF) 19, "Satan's Kittens."

From [,+%22FRANKLIN+E.+COOK%22+USN&source=bl&ots=oyMEx29THx&sig=m7d40-wFilmBPlXVUXKcCxf8CN8&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi4lIb28NnWAhWBZiYKHYRrDiYQ6AEIRjAG#v=onepage&q=cook&f=false Hellcat: The F6F in World War II By Barrett Tillman:]

Fighting 19's sixteen fighters were not as lucky. When the four divisions became separated from one another, small formations of Hellcats were sometimes outnumbered by as much as six to one. The Lexington pilots fought tenaciously, claiming 27 kills in the frantic, fearful minutes the battle lasted. Three Hellcats were lost, as were two pilots: "VF-19's skipper, Lieutenant F. E. Cook, and the flight officer, Lieutenant D. K. Tripp.

His mother was listed as next of kin.

Distinguished Flying Cross

From Hall of Valor:

(Citation Needed) - SYNOPSIS: Lieutenant Commander Franklin E. Cook (NSN: 0-82386), United States Navy, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight during World War II.

General Orders: American Battle Monuments Commission
Action Date: World War II
Service: Navy
Rank: Lieutenant Commander


His father was a Lieutenant when he was killed aboard USS Ranger (CV 4) on April 30, 1938.

Franklin Jr. was designated a naval aviator in 1942, #14618.

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Donald Tripp '40 was the Naval Flight Officer aboard Franklin's plane when it was shot down.

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