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Fred Connaway '32

Date of birth: January 22, 1911

Date of death: November 19, 1943

Age: 32

Lucky Bag

From the 1932 Lucky Bag:


1932 Connaway 1.jpg

Fred was killed by a shell from a Japanese destroyer that struck USS Sculpin (SS 191) shortly before she was sunk on November 19, 1943.

Fred had only recently taken command of Sculpin on October 20, 1943. He seems to have had command of USS S-48 (SS 159) twice: briefly from December 1940 to January 1941 and again from December 1941 to "mid 1943."

From Sub Vet Paul:

About noon on 19 November, a close string of 18 depth charges threw SCULPIN, already at deep depth, badly out of control. The pressure hull was distorted, she was leaking, steering and diving plane gear were damaged and she was badly out of trim. Commander Connaway decided to surface and to fight clear. The ship was surfaced and went to gun action. During the battle Commander Connaway and the Gunnery Officer were on the bridge, and the Executive Officer was in the conning tower. When the destroyer placed a shell through the main induction, and one or more through the conning tower, these officers and several men were killed

There are more survivor's accounts of Sculpin's last action are posted at that page.

The 1950's TV show "Silent Service" had an episode devoted to Sculpin; it is available to view here.

His wife was listed as next of kin.

(Unable to find a citation for the Silver Star listed here.)


From Fleet Organization:

  • Duty USS S-26 (SS-131) 1939
  • Under Instruction Post Graduate School United States Naval Academy 1939
  • Duty USS Sturtevant (DD-240) 1 Oct 1939 - 1 Jul 1940
  • Executive Officer USS S-13 (SS-118) 27 Oct 1940
  • Acting Captain USS S-48 (SS-159) 10 Dec 1940 - 2 Jan 1941
  • Executive Officer USS S-48 (SS-159) Jan 1941 - Dec 1941
  • Captain USS S-48 (SS-159) 1 Jan 1942 - 2 Apr 1943
  • Captain USS Sculpin (SS-191) 20 Oct 1943 - 19 Nov 1943
  • Lieutenant (j.g.) 2 Jun 1935
  • Lieutenant 26 Jun 1940
  • Lieutenant Commander (T) 15 Jun 1942
  • Commander (T) 18 Nov 1942


Fred's widow, Loretta, commissioned USS Sculpin (SSN-590); she is pictured on page 7 of the boat's commissioning booklet.

Class of 1932

Fred is one of 52 members of the Class of 1932 on Virtual Memorial Hall.