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Henry Hoyt '14

Date of birth: May 26, 1890

Date of death: August 24, 1921

Age: 31

Lucky Bag

From the 1914 Lucky Bag:


Henry was lost on August 24, 1921 when the British-built airship R-38, intended for US Navy use as ZR-2, crashed near Hull, England. Forty-four of the 49 men aboard died.

He is buried in Florida.

Navy Cross

From Home of Heroes:

The Navy Cross is awarded to Lieutenant Henry W. Hoyt, U.S. Navy, for heroism and devotion to duty in the line of his profession, while serving on the U.S.S. Huntington, when that vessel arrived in the war zone on September 17, 1917, he went up as observer in a captive balloon, known to be of an unsatisfactory type, and notwithstanding the danger, remained in the balloon during rain squalls followed by a stiff breeze, which caused the balloon to descend and deflate, rendering it unstable. The balloon was reeled in, but rolled about and pitched violently, injuring the observer, and finally the basket dragged under water. Lieutenant Hoyt was finally rescued from his desperate position by an enlisted man who went overboard from the ship.

Hoyt, Henry W.
Lieutenant, U.S. Navy
Balloon Observer, U.S.S. Huntington
Date Of Action: September 17, 1917

More information on this event is available in November 1918 issue of "Flying".

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Lewis Maxfield '07, Valentine Bieg '10, and Emory Coil '12 were also lost when ZR-2 crashed.

Class of 1914

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