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John Hudgins '94

Date of birth: November 22, 1871

Date of death: April 4, 1906

Age: 34

Lucky Bag

From the 1894 Lucky Bag:


John was lost on April 4, 1906 when the gunpowder from a 13" gun aboard Kearsarge (Battleship No. 5) ignited accidentally, killing another officer and eight men.

He was survived by his wife and son; John is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


From Army-Navy-Air Force Register and Defense Times, Volume 39:

Lieutenant John Milton Hudgins was appointed as a naval cadet from Virginia in September, 1890. He was graduated from the Naval Academy in June, 1894, and was sent to serve on the Detroit at the Norfolk Navy Yard. In July, 1895, Lieutenant Hudgins was promoted to the grade of assistant engineer and continued to serve in that capacity at the Norfolk Navy Yard until the following August when he was detached and ordred to London for a course of instruction, during which time he was attached to the American Embassy. On March 3, 1899, Lieutenant Hudgins' rank was changed from assistant engineer to Ensign. He subsequently reached the grade of lieutenant on September 26, 1901. He was attached to the bureau of equipment of the Navy Department soon after his last promotion and in October, 1903, was sent to the Kearsarge. A year ago he was given three months' sick leave, and upon his return to the Kearsarge was placed in charge of the wireless telegraph tests, which were being instituted by the bureau of equipment.

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Class of 1894

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