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Lucky Bag

1944 Longinotti LB.jpg

From the 1944 Lucky Bag:

Malcolm McF. Longinotti

Durant, Mississippi

"Ah'm from Mississippi, suh." Southern, blond and terrific, Longie proved himself a clear thinker, able to concentrate on the job at hand. Aggressive and enthusiastic, he had the inherent thoroughness which instilled confidence in his associates. Second only to the Navy was his interest in music. He loved it, played it and wrote about it. Remember the Log's "Off the Beat" column? Equally at home on the softball diamond, in the ring, or answering "fan mail," Malcolm was one of those fellows whom everyone remembered with a "Hi' Ya', Longie." His southern drawl and disarming smile, combined with a pleasing personality, are the source of his usually flawless diplomacy.

The Class of 1944 was graduated in June 1943 due to World War II. The entirety of 2nd class (junior) year was removed from the curriculum.

Life & Loss

Unable to find any information about Malcolm's life or loss. He is listed as a pilot involved in an accident or incident, but there are no details.

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