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Martin Connolly '53

Date of birth: April 19, 1929

Date of death: September 1, 1955

Age: 26

Lucky Bag

From the 1953 Lucky Bag:


Martin was lost when the C-47 aircraft he was a passenger aboard crashed in Alaska on September 1, 1955; all seven aboard were killed. The wife of one of the passengers — the passenger aboard because he was a contractor to the Air Force — sued the Air Force on the basis that the crash was due entirely to pilot error. The case law has a detailed account of the crash.

He is buried in Pennsylvania.

Memorial Hall Error

Martin is in Memorial Hall as a LT, USN; he was a 1LT, USAF. His loss is included in the Air Force Register of January 1956.

He is not listed in the Register of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps of 1955, nor in the 1954 edition.

Class of 1953

Martin is one of 62 members of the Class of 1953 on Virtual Memorial Hall.