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Shields Goodman '37

Date of birth: October 16, 1913

Date of death: December 15, 1944

Age: 31

Lucky Bag

From the 1937 Lucky Bag:


Shields was taken as a prisoner of war following the fall of Corregidor and was killed on December 15, 1944 when American aircraft mistakenly attacked the POW ship (Oryoku Maru) he was aboard.

He was held at Davao Penal Colony #502 for some time.

His mother was listed as next of kin. Shields has a memory marker in Arlington National Cemetery.

Wartime Service

Shields is listed as having been an officer aboard USS Mindanao (PR 8). That river gunboat had departed China on December 2, 1941, and took some of the first Japanese prisoners of war on December 9, 1941 while enroute to Manila. The vessel was heavily engaged in the spirited but ultimately desperate actions against the Japanese in Manila Bay and surrounding. The officers and crew had been transferred to help defend Fort Hughes on April 10 after the ship had been stripped of useful equipment. She was ultimately sunk to prevent capture in early May 1942.

There is mention of Shields in a September 1943 newspaper: his "last letter was mailed from his ship in March 1942."

Shields is quoted in a letter home; the date is not given. From "The Jersey Brothers: A Missing Naval Officer in the Pacific and His Family's Quest to Bring Him Home":

We are presumably awaiting transportation to Japan . . . [If so] I shall leave this letter with one of the hospital patients because the prisoners here will undoubtedly be back in American hands before those sent north to Japan. I have great hopes that our forces will come in before the Nips can get us out. We hear that Americans have landed 350 miles to the south of us . . . Our planes have been overhead nearly every day since we arrived here. They have bombed the airfields and the port area and we hear that there are no Nip freighters or any other ships in the harbor . . . We feel that our insurance against being sent north becomes more concrete with each air raid . . . Happy day it's going to be when we are all reunited again. These last . . . years will fall away from us like leaves from a tree in fall, and it will seem . . . that we have never been apart.

He was mentioned a handful of other times in the book.

Prisoner of War Medal

From Hall of Valor:

Lieutenant Shields Goodman (NSN: 0-78606), United States Navy, was captured by the Japanese after the fall of Corregidor, Philippine Islands, on 6 May 1942, and was held as a Prisoner of War until his death while still in captivity.

General Orders: NARA Database: Records of World War II Prisoners of War, created, 1942 - 1947
Action Date: May 6, 1942 - Died in Captivity
Service: Navy
Rank: Lieutenant
Division: Prisoner of War (Philippine Islands)

Class of 1937

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