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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: August 6, 1926
Date of death: August 8, 1952
Age: 26

Lucky Bag

1949 Dobbins LB.jpg

From the 1949 Lucky Bag:

Stephen A. Dobbins

Cherokee, Iowa

Some called him carefree, others called him a serene and composed character; but, regardless of the description Dob succeeded in leaving us all with the impression that he would remain unruffled by any of the ordinary trials of John Q. Midn. In fact, it was often Steve who tossed off that petite quip, styled in the inimitable Dobbins manner, which produced the lightning chuckle. Most of his spare moments, and there were some, were spent absorbing the symphonic strains of the masters. We have all paused in passing by the "Dauber's" door to catch a phrase from the latest addition to his collection of classics. Although he was a man of diversified interests, his first love was the open hunting ground of his native middlewest. In the future, Steve, "Good Hunting!"


Stephen was lost when his aircraft crashed near Shokoku, Japan, on August 8, 1952. He was survived by his parents and is buried in California.

He is not mentioned in the 1949 Class History.

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