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Thomas Eaton '47

Date of birth: unknown

Date of death: June 1, 1856

Age: unknown

Lucky Bag

The Lucky Bag was first published in 1894.

Life & Loss

Unable to find any details about Thomas' life or loss, except that he died on June 1, 1856 in New York "while attached to the Steamer Corwin;" he was engaged on Coast Survey duty since July 1852.

He was born in, and appointed to the Naval Academy from, Maine.


From the Naval History and Heritage Command:

Midshipman, 9 September, 1841. Passed Midshipman, 10 August, 1847. Master, 14 September, 1855. Lieutenant, 15 September, 1855. Died 1 June, 1856.

Class of 1847

Thomas is one of 31 members of the Class of 1847 in Memorial Hall.