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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: January 28, 1930
Date of death: April 5, 1957
Age: 27

Lucky Bag

1952 Riggs LB.jpg

From the 1952 Lucky Bag:

Weldon Max Riggs

El Dorado, Kansas

Born and raised on the leisurely plains of Kansas, Max typified the warm friendliness and hardy spirit of the midwest. No task was ever too difficult for Maxwell, although he was continually persecuted by the reveille bell which "always rang two hours too soon." Warm, sincere, and a true gentleman, Max won many friends who will always remember his ever-present good humor and likable personality. A keen, agile mind enabled him to breeze through academics. He engaged in many activities such as plebe and JV football, the Foreign Relations Club, and company athletics. Honest effort and ability are certain to win Max the respect and admiration of his shipmates wherever he may go.

He was also a member of the 1st Regimental Staff (2nd set) and a recipient of an “E Award.”


From Pacific Stars and Stripes:

Lt. Weldon M. Riggs, Virginia Beach, Va., was killed in an air crash in the eastern Mediterranean Friday. The Navy said a jet fighter flown by Lt. Biggs from the Forrestal collided with another aircraft attached, to the same carrier near Lebanon. The pilot of the second plane was uninjured.

There's a Navy aircraft loss recorded that day, but it occurred aboard USS Franklin D Roosevelt, which was operating off the US east coast.

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Lucien Borden '52 was also a member of the 1st Regimental staff.

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