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Arthur Day '45

Date of birth: July 13, 1921

Date of death: June 14, 1945

Age: 23

Lucky Bag

From the 1945 Lucky Bag:


From the Newport Daily News on June 27, 1945, via the Jamestown Historical Society:

Lieutenant Day, son of Mrs. Day and the late Colonel J. H. A. Day, I.S.M.C., of Friendship street [sic], Jamestown, was killed on Okinawa June 14, according to a telegram received by his mother.

He was born in Manila July, 13, 1923, and came to Jamestown at the age of two years, where his family has since lived. He attended Jamestown schools and was graduated from Rogers High School in 1939. He went to Rhode Island State College for a year, and then attended the Severn Preparatory School in Annapolis, before being admitted to the Naval Academy by the late Congressman Charles F. Risk. He was graduated from the Naval Academy a year ago and selected the branch of the service in which his father served – the Marine Corps. Upon his graduation, he was presented with a sword by the members of his father’s class, the class of 1897. Lieutenant Day’s grandfather, Edward Maynard Day, was a navy lieutenant, his maternal grandparent was Rear Admiral L.C. Logan, and his great grandfather was Admiral David Dixon Porter, one of the three early admirals of the navy.

Lieutenant Day leaves his mother and brother, Commander Edward Maynard Day, USN, now at the Torpedo Station.

He is buried in Hawaii.

(Note: There is another obituary that omits his attendance and graduation from the Naval Academy.)

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