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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: September 25, 1926
Date of death: December 7, 1953
Age: 27

Lucky Bag

1950 Peterson LB.jpg

From the 1950 Lucky Bag:


La Crosse, Wisconsin

Ready, fence! These were familiar words to Pete's ears. This may have been an outgrowth of his many after-taps, broomstick-and-waterbucket sorties Plebe summer. Just as he made life interesting for those unfortunates who encountered him on these raids, so did he favor his opponents with the busy end of an epee. The possessor of a sympathetic ear, a helping hand, and an array of femme fables, Pete knew how to get the spice out of life so as to flavor the dark days of those around him.

Life & Loss

Cedric was lost on December 7, 1953 while piloting an F-84G near Komaki AB, Japan. He is buried in Wisconsin.

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