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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: October 2, 1931
Date of death: August 23, 1956
Age: 24

Lucky Bag

1953 Flood LB.jpg

From the 1953 Lucky Bag:


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Before making the long journey from Ottawa, Ontario, to Annapolis, Frank had to put wheels on his dog sled. Frank earned his stars for the distance, mastered advanced French and outwitted the system, but had his share of cross-country, steeplechase, and extra-duty. He managed youngster cruise with the greatest of ease, but stoutly denies that he ever tried to corner the markel in Panamanian bananas or undersell the brew of the "One-eyed Indian". When last seen "Francois des grandes oreilles" was devising ways to add his two gold stars for academic prowess io the B.S.B. of a Naval aviator.


From Together We Served:

Lt.jg. Flood was lost along with his crew while on an ECM reconnaissance mission 32 miles off Wenchai, China. The aircraft, a P-4M-1Q "Mercator" (Bu 124362) flying out of Iwakuni, Japan, was shot down by a Chinese MiG-17F. The crew of 16 were all lost.

Lt.jg. Flood left a wife, Dorothy Dickie of Canada, then living at the base in Japan. His tour in Japan had begun in 1954.

From Navy CT History:

22 AUG 56 - P4M-1Q Mercator Buno 124362, staging from Iwakuni, Japan. Squadron VQ-1. Shot down off Wenchai, China.


  • Ltjg. James B. Deane,
  • Ltjg. Francis A. Flood,Jr,
  • Lcdr. Milton Hutchinson,
  • Lcdr. JamesW.Ponsford,
  • AT2 Donald Wayne Barber,
  • AO2 Warren Edgar Caron,
  • AT3 Jack Albert Curtis,
  • AT1 William Frederick Haskins,
  • AO3 William Michael Humbert,
  • AD1 H.E. Lounsbury,
  • AT1 Albert Perry Mattin,
  • AT2 Carl Edwin Messinger,
  • AE2 Wallace Powell,
  • AT3 Donald Eugene Sprinkle,
  • AT2 Leonard Strykowski,
  • AD3 Lloyd Lewayne Young

There is some additional information at VP Navy

Memorial Hall Error

Francis was killed in action — right? that must be the official designation — but is not on the KIA panel in Memorial Hall.

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