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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: 1919
Date of death: February 28, 1942
Age: ~22

Lucky Bag

1942 Smith LB.jpg

From the 1942 Lucky Bag:


Blow, Smitty, Yank, Daisy Mae

"Blow" prepped for West Point, wound up in USNA. He is a true son of Vermont, independent and argumentative. He lives for baseball; the major leagues really lost a good bet to the Service here. Almost a confirmed "red mike," he occasionally used his smiling and witty way to charm the gals. He'll take Pensacola in stride, keep on winning friends, and be one of our best.

Cross Country 4, c42c; Baseball 4, 3, 2, N*; Boat Club 3; 1 Stripe.

The Class of 1942 graduated on December 19, 1941, less than two weeks after the United States entered World War II. The class had previously been scheduled to graduate in February 1942.


Norman was lost when USS Jacob Jones (DD 130) was sunk by a German submarine on February 28, 1942.

From U-Boat Attack Logs: A Complete Record of Warship Sinkings:

The only officer recorded as having survived the explosions, Assistant Engineer Ensign Norman C. Smith, was so badly wounded that "he was practically incoherent at all times until his death."

He has a memory marker in Vermont.

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