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Thomas Marshall, Jr. '30

Date of birth: December 22, 1906

Date of death: February 28, 1942

Age: 35

Lucky Bag

From the 1930 Lucky Bag:


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Thomas was lost when USS Jacob Jones (DD 130) was torpedoed on the morning of February 28, 1942 by U-578 off the coast of Delaware.

From the March 3, 1942 Naval communique reprinted in the April, 1942 issue of Shipmates:

The USS JACOB JONES, a World War destroyer, was sunk by an enemy submarine off Cape May, New Jersey, just before dawn on February 28, 1942.

There were only eleven survivors consisting of nine engine room ratings and two apprentice seamen. Factual information in regard to the circumstances that led to the sinking is sparse because of the lack of deck ratings among the survivors. It has been established, however, that prior to receiving the first torpedo hit, the enemy submarine was not sighted nor was the torpedo.

The first torpedo blew up the bow and apparently killed all the personnel on the bridge as well as the men sleeping in the forward living compartments. The second torpedo, which was fired after the submarine circled ahead of the JACOB JONES, blew up the stern and all the depth charges.

The only survivors, except one man from the after engine room, were in the amidship section when the stern was blown up.

His father was listed as next of kin. He was also survived by a brother, who retired from the Navy as a Commander.


From Destroyer History:

Lt. Comdr. Thomas W. Marshall, Jr., born 22 December 1906 in the District of Columbia, graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and was commissioned ensign 5 June 1930. Prior to 1939 he served in Nevada, Marblehead, Houston, John D. Ford and S-42.

On 15 June 1939 he joined Jacob Jones as executive officer. Lt. Comdr. Marshall was killed when Jacob Jones was sunk by enemy torpedo off Cape May, N.J., 28 February 1942.


USS Marshall (DD 676) was named for Thomas.

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Hugh D. Black '26, Burton R. Hanson '40, and Norman C. Smith '42 were also lost when the Jacob Jones was torpedoed.

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