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Edwin Kelly '30

Date of birth: February 17, 1908

Date of death: March 27, 1935

Age: 27

Lucky Bag

From the 1930 Lucky Bag:


From Naval History and Heritage Command:

Lt. (jg) Edwin G. Kelly and Aviation Machinist's Mate 1 class Raymond Carrillo lost their lives when BM-2 from USS Lexington (CV-2) crashed during night bombing practice off La Jolla, Calif. 27 March 1935.

The 1934 Navy Directory lists him as a member of Bombing Squadron (VB) 1B.

He has a memory marker in Texas; he was survived by his wife and unborn son.

Edwin’s brother, Jack, was a graduate of Texas A&M and was captured in the Philippines on the Batan peninsula. He survived the POW camps but was lost when the ship he was on, Oryoku Maru, was bombed by US Navy planes in December 1945.


From Steven Kelly, Edwin's eldest grandson, via email on February 13, 2019:

My grandfather's wife, Virginia, my grandmother, was five months pregnant with my father when my grandfather was killed night flight bomber training while stationed on the USS LEXINGTON (CV-2) 16 miles off of La Jolla. My father, Edwin Harrison Kelly was born 5 months after the crash on July 24, 1935. The only thing recovered from the crash was the tail wheel of the Martin BM-2.

My grandmother remarried 3 years later to another Navy Aviator, Raymond Lee Smith and then along came WWII...my father attended 13 different schools while Commander Smith finished his Navy career in the 1950's.

I have one brother named Michael Edwin Kelly.

My grandmother used to say that my grandfather, “Jock”/Edwin Green Kelly, was a very nice man, very quiet and smart. Unfortunately their relationship was prematurely cut short because of the night flight dive bomber training accident. She also used to say that they only knew each other for such a short time and that it was painful for her to talk about her first husband.

I am unable to tell any stories about him. I am so sorry that I cannot tell you anything more about my grandfather. If it’s any help my grandmother used to say that I reminded her of him at times...but not really if that makes sense. Both my father and apparently my grandfather Edwin Green Kelly were quiet men, introverts complemented with high intellect.

Once I was old enough to understand my grandmothers pain associated with my real grandfathers death I quit asking about my real grandfather.

My father was in the NROTC at USC. He went on to attain a commission in the Navy. Once deployed at sea he would become deathly sea sick. He had to be medevaced multiple times from sea to shore and that pretty much closed the book on my father's Navy career.

I wish I could tell you stories about my grandfather. My father never talked about his father, probably because he did not know any stories. Either that or he just kept them to himself beause it hurt him.

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