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Birthdate & Date of Loss

Date of birth: August 6, 1918
Date of death: January 18, 1960
Age: 41

Lucky Bag

1941 Thompson LB.jpg

From the 1941 Lucky Bag:


Brookings, S. Dak.

"Have you heard this one.'" . . . and no mailer if you have, Wendy will tell it in a manner which will make you enjoy it more than before. However, he seldom comes forth with an "old one." His jolly, witty, and unselfish personality makes Tommy a most pleasant companion. He has his share of academic trouble, but his hard, relentless work has always brought him through successfully with that necessary 2.5 and a little gravy. Wendy is ever striving to please others, a thing that accounts for his long list of friends, which is a sure indication of the nobleness of his character. He is athletic and always finds time in the afternoon for a workout in the gym. When it comes to sports, Tommy shows great versatility, playing good games of baseball, tennis, football, basketball, and being well-qualified to handle a rifle. Although he drags quite frequently, Wendy is decidedly a man's man. With his modesty and winning personality as a foundation, Tommy's road in life will stand the incessant wear which the Navy demands.

Battalion Baseball 4, 3; Radio Club 4.

The Class of 1941 was the first of the wartime-accelerated classes, graduating in February 1941.


Wendell was a passenger aboard Capital Airlines Flight 20, which crashed on January 18, 1960 while enroute from Washington, D.C. to Norfolk, Virginia.

He was stationed in London at the time. He was survived by his mother, wife, and two sons. His wife remarried a 1946 Naval Academy graduate.

He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

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Harold Goranson '40 was also lost in this crash. They were both the final names added to their respective class' panels in Memorial Hall.

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