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Charles Sparks '56

Date of birth: unknown

Date of death: April 12, 1853

Age: unknown

Lucky Bag

The Lucky Bag was first published in 1894.

Life & Loss

Unable to find any details about Charles' life or loss, except that it was on April 12, 1853, aboard the "sloop Vincennes, at New York." From The Times-Picayune on April 24, 1853:

The telegraph some days ago informed us of the death of Midshipman Charles D. Sparks, of Louisiana, on board the U.S. ship Vincennes, at New York on the 13th inst. We learn that on the same day his remains were taken to the receiving tomb, at the Naval Hospital, escorted by the Marine Guard of the Vincennes, and attended by the commandant and officers of the navy yard, and the officers of the U.S. ships North Carolina, Vincennes, Porpoise and Hancock.

Charles was born in, and appointed from, Louisiana.


From the Naval History and Heritage Command:

Midshipman, 18 April, 1850. Died 12 April, 1853.

Memorial Hall Error

There is no evidence his rank was "Master," as is in Memorial Hall; should be Midshipman. He is listed as a Midshipman in the Register of Officers of the US Navy that gave the date of his death, and in three different contemporaneous newspaper reports. (No rank is given in the Register of Alumni.)

Class of 1856

Charles is one of 5 members of the Class of 1856 on Virtual Memorial Hall.