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Lyman Spalding '66

Date of birth: January 1, 1845

Date of death: August 29, 1881

Age: 36

Lucky Bag

The Lucky Bag was first published in 1894.

Naval Academy Register

Lyman Greenleaf Spalding was admitted to the Naval Academy from Portsmouth, New Hampshire on September 25, 1862 at age 15 years 8 months.


From "Dangers of Naval Life" by Arthur H. Dutton, former Lieutenant, U.S. Navy, in the January-June 1909 issue of "The Overland Monthly":

Lieutenant-Commander Benjamin Long Edes and Lieutenant Lyman G. Spalding were killed at Newport, R.I., August 29, 1881, by the explosion of a torpedo, due to mismanagement of an electric switch.


From Find A Grave:

Lyman Greenleafe Spalding was the captain's clerk of the US Steamer "Augusta;" Commander Enoch Greenleafe Parrott (afterwards Rear Admiral), commanding, for about twelve months in the years 1861 and 186. He took part in the capture of Port Royal, SC, by Rear Admiral DuPont, on November 7, 1861, and afterward served on the blockade of Charleston, SC.

Entered Naval Academy July 1862; graduated as Midshipman June 1866; out of the service five years; reappointed and commissioned as Master, June 28, 1871; 'Canonicus' (Ironclad), North Atlantic Station, 1871-2; 'Yantie' Asiatic Squadron, 1872-5 Commissioned Lieutenant, July 10 1875; sick leave 1876; 'Enterprise' special service surveying Amazon River, 1877; and the same vessel European Squadron 1878-80.

From the Naval History and Heritage Command:

Midshipman, 26 September, 1862. Graduated June, 1866. Resigned 16 June, 1866. Master, 28 June, 1871. Lieutenant, 10 July, 1875. Killed 29 August, 1881.

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